This week our school celebrated Dr. Seuss’ birthday with Read-in day.

To celebrate in PE, my K-3 classes do Dr. Seuss stations. The kids really get a kick out of it and love sharing that they know the books as they work on different skills that we have covered over the year.

My stations are:

1. Cat in the Hat ring toss: I use 6 cones and put paper cat in the hat hats on them (target dollar bin!). The students toss three small hula-hoops to try to get them on the cones. For my 2nd graders, I have them add up their points. The cone in front is worth two points, the second row worth two and the third row is worth three.

2. One fish Two fish: I put out 4 cones and create a “fish bowl” and scooters. They must scoot in the fish bowl or around it. I was impressed to see various games of tag each group created in the fish bowl.

3. Reading stations: Yes, I put out Dr. Seuss books (ones that we were doing at the stations) and they sat and read. Surprisingly they love this station.

4. Snow: This is a super old Dr. Seuss book! I have targets on the wall and also put out bowling pin. Using over hand or underhand throwing, they hit the target or knock down the pins.

5. 500 Hats of Barthalomew Cubbins: I changed this one up this year. I used to see how many beanbags they could balance and walk with, but this year I put out cups and they built “hat” towers. Very big hit!

6. Hop on Pop: I created a hopscotch board on the floor with floor tape and also put out 10 poly spots and a beanbag (to be used as the rock).

7. The foot book: I used waddle walkers. The students are encouraged to jump on them spin and balance.

8. Green eggs and Ham: Green scoops and green whiffle balls. Throw the “egg” in the air and catch or throw it to the wall.

My students and I really love this week in PE!

A couple times a year the librarian and I try to do some cross-curricular activities together to highlight reading and PE. Since I am an avid reader, it is really important to me for kids to see that you can be a physically active person who loves to read!

~Natalie Washington teaches physical education at Taku Elementary in Anchorage.